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The Lattice Fence Toppers are designed to fit above an existing fence panel and are supplied in lengths of 1.83m. The Domed/Concave design can be used in series or alternated to create a flowing rise and fall line.

Domed Lattice Fence Topper
Concave Lattice Fence Topper
Metric (m)
Metric (m)
1.83 x 0.41 Imperial (ft): 6' 0" x 1' 4"
1.83 x 0.30 Imperial (ft): 6' 0" x 1' 0"
Outer Size
Outer Size
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Honeysuckle products are made from high quality hardwoods (using only certified forestry material produced under a strictly controlled regeneration programme), redwood or pressure treated softwoods. All sizes shown are approximate. We are continually developing and improving our range; therefore, prices and specifications are subject to change.